Burnside Album Details

The OF, Escape Goat

"Escape Goat is the seven-hundredth album from a group of space lobsters referred to in this realm of existence as The OF. OK, they aren't really space lobsters, but they may as well be. Even in remote Roslyn, WA, where they headquarter, foil clad colander wearing toilet busting barbecue banging lunatics are so often misunderstood. Like their first album, Escape Goat has mostly long songs with many parts, with guitars and other noise-makers. You may find them beautiful. You may find them weird. The OF are unique and that, my friends, is no longer an easy thing to be. ""the self-named 'foil-rock' quintet creates music as eclectic as its members' onstage attire: tinfoil togas and colanders as hats."" Seattle Weekly ""Part Residents, part Mothers/Zappa/Beefheart and a whole lotta shaking, belching, vomiting, moaning and groaning amidst some damn bitchin' guitar wailing and crazed B-52's-like tomfoolery."" Terrascope "