Burnside Album Details

Swedish Finnish, Swedish Finnish

Swedish Finnish = 100% all pop-music catchy as hell. The Swedish Finnish Seattle magic hooks earworm their way into your brain, you cannot forget them! Not allowed. The glorious three-part harmonies soar through songs, guitars intertwine and the beat is steady. Delicious slices of sonic heaven. Swedish Finnish proudly shouts their influences on their sleeves loud and clear - the chunky “Mine Is Better” channels T. Rex; “Don’t Do Anything (I Wouldn’t Do)” is probably a long-lost Ronettes song (with the boys doing the singing). “Hungover” and “Marla’s House” recall their biggest heroes, The Beatles, while “I’m Leaving” takes the classic chord progression of Them’s “Gloria,” and pounds it into a brand new context. Their first eleven bites of pop confection have now been perfected for your delighted consumption. Let’s Go Rock!