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Gold, Ethan, 'Songs From A Toxic Apartment' LP

As a self-taught singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Ethan Gold has been making cathartic, deeply affecting songs written while dreaming or in the altered state of insomnia.  Ethan's debut album was created while living in a corroding flat in Los Angeles and composing film scores (Helicopter; Adventures of Power), playing in other bands (Honey Brothers; Gold Brothers), producing and arranging albums for other artists (Elvis Perkins' acclaimed Ash Wednesday), and writing a sprawling, 75-song ultra-violent rock opera in an attempt to confront the worst of the male psyche.  Escaping the toxic building, Ethan chose 12 songs from his rock opera demos to color and shape into something new.  A journey through quiet terror and yearning, ferocity and sensuous redemption, this is his deluxe debut album Songs From A Toxic Apartment.

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