Burnside Album Details

Far Lands, Oh, What an Honor / Oh, What a Drag

Far Land's Oh, What an Honor / Oh, What a Drag resulted from a chance encounter with between songwriter Andy McFarlane and childhood friend Matt Drenik (Battleme). The two hadn’t seen each other in 20 years. After some back and forth, the two sat down and played “Geronimo” on the piano at Get Loud in Portland. Before long, Far Lands found a voice in the studio as a conversation between old friends. With Drenik playing most of the instruments, they enlisted the help of drummer Pauli Pulvirenti (Eyelids, Elliott Smith) and Ivan Howard (Rosebuds, Howard Ivans), coming out the other side with this nine song testament to the wisdom of the slow build and the beautiful absurdity that exists in the world if you’re open to it.