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Lucas, Scott and the Married Men, George Lassos the Moon CD

Scott Lucas is best known as half of the Chicago-based, rock duo Local H; but, on his debut solo album George Lassos the Moon, he explores the softer side of things -- adding horns, violin and even accordion -- and proves that quiet and sad can be just as powerful as loud and angry. Lucas didn’t feel like this particular set of songs would work as a Local H record. "It was very clear that these songs were different," he says. "They were just too personal to be on anything other than a solo record." Ironically, doing a solo record required a bigger band, so he pulled together a new backing band from Chicago’s rich indie music scene. We each staked out our own section of the studio and just played the songs live. "I mean, there's the usual stuff in there that everybody name checks when they make rootsy records--stuff like Neil Young and the Band. But when I listen to this album, I hear a lot of Pink Floyd and Pavement-as well as Mark Lanegan's first solo record. I'm totally fine with that." "Most exciting....potent." – Jim Derogatis, Chicago Sun-Times

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