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Various Artists, SpokAnarchy! Original Soundtrack

SpokAnarchy! OST is the accompanying soundtrack to the feature-length documentary about the rise of the punk rock scene in the conservative and culturally barren 1980s of Spokane, WA. Out of this unlikely burg a decade's worth of undiscovered music and art erupted, by the likes of whom that went on to be in noteworthy and underground bands such as TOOL, Motorcycle Boy, Sandy Duncan's Eye, Stompbox, Cattle Prod, even Charlie Schmidt, Keyboard Cat's creator! 16 tracks of post-punk, new wave, hardcore, and assorted weirdness from 13 bands you’ve never heard of, let alone heard! "A kaleidoscopic look at an under-recognized under-ground scene that deserves to be seen, moshed and celebrated." – Lenny Kaye, Patti Smith Group

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