Burnside Album Details

My Brothers and I, Don't Dream Alone

You could call them "Northwest soul." You could call them "indie-pop." What it boils down to is that My Brothers and I bring a wide range of influences to their music, creating sounds that are melodic, soulful, and danceable on their debut full-length LP, Don’t Dream Alone. This eleven-track collection is comprised of warm vocal harmonies, luscious grooves, and undeniable melodies. Recorded at Miracle Lake Studios with Skyler Norwood at the helm (who’s produced Blind Pilot, Priory and Horsefeathers), the album brings the energy that floods their live performance. Don’t Dream Alone is the dream - and voice - of five individuals, working as a true collective to create each song. My Brothers and I have stepped outside their comfort zone pushing themselves to bring out their best, working hard to create an album that will resonate with listeners of multiple genres.