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Gleason, Dave & Wasted Days Band, Midnight, California LP

There's a jukebox in heaven where the honky tonk heroes gather each afternoon to drink a little poison and swap stories of Bakersfield and Nashville. Charlie Rich laughs it up with Gene Clark while Buck Owens shows off his latest Nudie Suit. In the background, Dave Gleason's Wasted Days sings about soul and suds, a jubilant celebration of California country rock that makes the bygone ramblers smile. Formed in 2000, the Wasted Days move with the confidence and abiding skill of Music Row's best. In their hands, Gleason's heartfelt road songs and beating heart laments swing hard. Gleason's songwriting gifts come to the fore on this LP version of Midnight, California. "The laid-back spirit of California country rock (Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, Gene Clark) is mixed with a dose of Bakersfield and given a 21st-century twist in the music of singer-songwriter Dave Gleason and his band Wasted Days. From hard-edged honky tonk to mournful weepers, this alt-country is as cool as it is classic." –cnet