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Slay, Gregory Scott, Horsethief Beats / The Sound Will Find You

Gregory Scott Slay, former drummer of Remy Zero, lost a life-long battle with Cystic Fibrosis on Jan 1, 2010. Though he left us too soon, he had lived about 20 years longer than anyone expected – and (as evidenced by his ample musical output) made every day worth it. Horsethief Beats was the record Slay finished only a few months before he passed. Slay played wrote, sang, and performed practically everything on Horsethief Beats – and because of that we have an odd little creature that resembles Trent Reznor’s dark funk and David Bowie’s late-seventies madness. Short, sweet, and bearing a spooky grimace, Horsethief Beats is a record best enjoyed loud and on repeat.

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