Burnside Album Details

Sgt. Major, Rich, Creamery Butter

“Rich, Creamery Butter - the debut release from Seattle’s Sgt. Major – a band with lofty goals and a bar tab to match. A band not afraid to try anything once - A band that set out to record four songs for an EP, and couldn’t stop. - A band that actually likes to play together. Sgt. Major is: Kurt Bloch – guitars (Fastbacks, Young Fresh Fellows), Jim Sangster – bass (Young Freshfellows), Mike Musburger – drums (The Fastbacks, Posies, Supersuckers), and Carmella – vocals. The new album is a stripped-down, ripped-up, run through the woods, barefoot and enthusiastic. Robust and aimless – reckless and careful – humble and proud – narrow, yet so wide. With nine songs by Kurt Bloch, and one out of the inkwell of John Ramberg (from the Model Rockets), this is everything you’d want in a record!