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Cymone, Andre, 1969

1969 is a sonically bracing, lyrically incisive record drawing startling parallels between its titular year - the year when the utopian ideals of the '60s came face to face with harsh reality - and today. The result is a deeply compelling musical statement; the work of a passionate idealist confronting the brutal disappointments of the real world. This album is a landmark in a long and colorful career of creative pursuits, from Cymone's early collaborations with Prince through his solo successes in the eighties and his work as a hitmaker for notable pop and R&B acts. In 2014, Cymone ended a self imposed 27 year hiatus with The Stone, a remarkable self-reinvention that saw the artist emerge with some of the most accomplished and personal music he's ever made. With 1969 Cymone returns to craft songs insightfully addressing issues of racial and economic inequality.

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