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Caspar Babypants, BABY BEATLES!

Ladies and Gentlemen....THE BEATLES!...and the world was never the same. Caspar Babypants has put together an amazing collection of inventive simple covers of classic Beatles songs designed specifically for kids ages 0-6 and their parents. The songs have been pared down to their basic elements to let the melodies and lyrics come through clearly so that young brains can grab on to them easily and parents can enjoy the songs in a new way with their kids. There are classics like All Together Now, Yellow Submarine and Octopus's Garden but also some less widely covered tunes like Anytime at All, Being For The Benefit of Mister Kite and I'm Only Sleeping. As with all Caspar albums the energy goes from active to sleepy to help engage their attention and then calm the kids down and lull them to sleep. BABY BEATLES! Is a combination of that classic Beatles songwriting with that classic simple clear presentation of Caspar Babypants.

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