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Poggi, Fabrizio, Texas Blues Voices

"Texas Blues Voices is the 20th album by Fabrizio Poggi and features duets with Ruthie Foster, W.C. Clark, Lavelle White, Mike Zito, Bobby Mack, Carolyn Wonderland, Guy Forsyth, Shelley King, and Mike Cross. With this album, the long-dreamt desire of this great Italian harmonica player to celebrate today’s best blues voices in Texas has been fulfilled, and the artistic legacy of the greatest blues singers is alive and well. For this reason, Fabrizio made the choice not to join as a singer, but instead offer his harmonica as his voice. An excellent band accompanies him on this journey – a band composed of sisters and brothers in the blues: Bobby Mack and Joe Forlini on guitar, Cole El Saleh on piano and organ, Donnie Price on bass, and Dony Wynn on drums and percussion. "