Our Labels


'Sapient/ Sandpeople Music
128 Records
326 Records
37 Records
4 Alarm Records
615 Records
88 Records


A Tenderversion Recording
A Woody Hollow
Accurate Records
Adhoksaja Entertainment Inc.
Adventure Music
Adventure Music America
Advenute Music
Aerobic International
Airday Records
All The Real Girls
American Leather Records
Amigo Amiga
ArenA Recordings
Ark Records, Inc.
arkam records
Aurora Elephant
Aurora Elephant Music
Autumn Light Productions
Aviate Records


Back 9 Records
Baladi Productions
Baladi Productions/Berkshire Snow
Bang-A-Bucket Music
Bang-A=Bucket Music
BDC Records
Berkalin Records
Big Guitar Music
Bigger Better More
Bigger Better More Records
Black Whales Music
Bladen County Records
Blind PIlot
Blue Bella Records
Blue Bella Records (Gerry Hundt)
Blue Bella Records (Mowery)
Blue Heat Records
Blue Witch Records
Blues Rock Records
Bluesette Records
Bohemian Neglect Recording Works
BoJak Records
Bombo Music Productions
Bongo Beat Books
Bongo Beat Records
Book Records
Brewery Records
Bright Sun Records
Bumblin' Bee Records
Buzz Cason Productions


C.A.K.E./Green Label Sound
Cadiz Music Ltd/Blueblood Records
Cadiz Music Ltd/Grand Records
Cadiz Music Ltd/March Hare Music
Cadiz Music Ltd/Skiteetsh Records
Cadiz Music Ltd/United Producers Records
Calico Tracks Music
Camobear Records
Candy Cane Sammy Productions
Candy Cross
Chap Stereo
Chocolate Lab Records
Clang! Records
Cleft Music
Clickpop Records
Coeur De Jeanette Productions
Cohouse Music
Colin Gilmore
Colonial Way
Comino Music
Communicating Vessels
Communist Daughter
Confidential Recordings
Cool Clear Water Records
Cordova Bay Entertainment
Cornelius Chapel Records
Corvus Records
Cottonwood Records
Couer de Jeanette
Cozmik Records
Cranes Records / Weird Books
Crazy Creek Records
Criminal Records
Criminal Records/Natty Rain Productions
Crossbill Records
Crosspulse Media
Crow Town Records
Cyber Tracks


Dallas Blues Society
Deer Lodge
Delta Moon Records
DG/Dollar Records
Dig Music
DogStar Records
Domingo Record
Domingo Records
Doomtown Sounds
Dreadnought Recordings
Drop Medium
Drum & Bass Music
Dusty 45s


Earthluv Media, INC
ECR Music Group
Edge of Wonder Records
El Cortez Records
El Cortez/Delines
El Sendero Records
Embraceable Records
Emily Arrow
Esperanza Plantation
EXAG' Records
Expunged Records
Extravaganza Films


Fancy Animal Records
Federale Records
File 13 Records
Fill In The Breaks
Fireflies Records
Firenze Records
Flat Field Records
Fluff and Gravy Records
Fly Moon Royalty
Focused Noise Productions
Foghorn Music
Four Winds Entertainment
Four Winds Entertainment/Intercord
Fowl Records
Fresh Selects
Front Avenue Records
Fugawee Bird Records
Fugawee Bird Records/30/30 Industries
FWG Records


G&P Records
Gadfly Records
Gadfly Records/Disismye Music
Gagliano Recordings
Garage Door Records
Garden Ghost Records
Gearhead Records
Get Loud
Ghostmeat Records/Athfest
Girlyman Inc.
Glad I Did Recordings
Glad I Did Recordings/Sean Flinn
Glass Mountain Records
Glenna Bell
Global Recording Artist
Global Recording Artists
Good Land Records
Good to Die Records
Gravitron! Records
Great Crap Factory
Green Monkey Records
Green Submarine Records
Greg Ruby Music
Greyday Records
Grimble Records
Groovesburg Joys
Ground Up Records
GSP Recordings


Hard Rock Records
Hep Records
Hey Amigo
Hey Amigo Recording Co.
Hey! Bacon! Records
Hey! Bacon!! Records
Highway 87 Music
Hillside Records
Hippies Are Dead Records
Holocene Music
Honey Island Records
Human Feel Records
Hymie's Records


I Miss You Records
I.R.D. Jazz
In Music We Trust
In Music We Trust/Clogwild Music
Ingot Rock
Intervision Music
Invisible Hands Music
Invisible Hands Music Limited


Jake Records
Jam 'N Music
James Fish
Jay Spears Music
Jazoo Records
Jazz Legacy Productions
Jeepney Records
Jericho Beach Music
Jus Family Records
Jus Family Records/Bombay Entertainment


K Wheel Records
Kanaga System Krush
Kanagra System Krush
Karate Body Records
Karma Frog Recording Co.
Kid Canvas
Korda Records
Kuleana Music


Lady Muleskinner Records
LAGQ Records
Lanark Records
Last Call Records
Late Show Records
Lazy S.O.B. Recordings
Lazy S.O.B. Recordings/Big Ticket Rec.
Lazy S.O.B. Recordings/Big Ticket Record
Lazy S.O.B. Recordings/Elizabeth McQueen
Lazy S.O.B. Recordings/Ranger Records
Leaping Lizards Music
Left Coast Clave Records
Let's Play Stella Records
Lick-Able Sunshine Music
Little Dog Records
Little Loopy Records
Little Monster Records
Little One Ate the Big One
Little Pig Records
Local 638 Records
Loftus Music
London Tone Music
Long Nights Impossible Odds
Lost Wax Music
Lovesore Records
Lucky Madison
Lucky Records
Lucky Records/Karisma music
Lucky Records/Spizorinctus
Luvvers Club


Mad Iris Records
Mad River Records
MadeWright Records
Madgeburg Music
Magic Wing
Magmatic Northwest
Make Records
Maldives LLC
MarchFourth Music
Mark of the Leopard
Martez Music Group
MB Recordings
Medicine Warrior/MB Recordings
Meteor Sonic Records
Middle West
Mighty Mo Productions
Mills Bluz Records
Mind Rider Records
Mis Ojos Deiscos
Mis Ojos Discos
Mississippi Studios
Mocombo Records
Mon Amie Records
Moon Records
Moon Voyage/AmbianZ
Music & Words/6 Spices
Music & Words/Frea records
Music & Words/MW Records
Music & Words/Otrabanda
Music & Words/Papyros
Music & Words/Saphrane
Music & Words/Zimbraz


Native And Fine Records
Net King LLC/BoskoLive.com
New Canada
New Rag Records
New Wheel Music
Night & Day Studios
No Comment Records
NoDonut Records
Nomad Entertainment


Ocean Street Records
Octave 8 Records
Old Chivo Records
Ollie Mob Worldwide
Ollie Mob WorldWide / 6'10
Olympia Records
Only New Age Music, Inc.
Open All Nite Ent./Futurism Records
Original Music Service
Original Works
Out Of The Past


Pacific Arts Corporation
Packaroonus Records
Pancho's Muse Records
Pantaleon Records
Party Damage Records
Patrick Lamb Productions
Pauper Sky Records
PelPel Recordings
PFOB Music/Plantation #1
Pharaoh Records/J2 Records
Piadrum Records, LLC
Planned Effervescence
Plaza Bowl Records & Tapes
Poetical License
Polecat Creek
Pony Boy Records
Portland Taiko
Pretty Kids Collective
Prima Records
Prima Records Ltd.
Princess Records
Pure Cuban Sugar


Rad Science Records
Rainlight Records
Rainy Day Dimes Music
Ram Records
Rankoutsider Records
Realiza Records
Recess Monkey
Reckless Records
Red Chili Records
Red Yarn Productions
Renfreaux Records
resurrection records
Retribution Records
Retso Records
Reverb Records
Riley Records
Roaring Stream Records
RodeoCorp, Ltd.
Romi Mayes Music
Room 609 Records
Round Sky Music
Roustabout Records
Run It Back Records
Rusted Blue Records


Sandpeople Music
Sapient/ Sandpeople Music
Sapient/Sandpeople Music
Saustex Media
Saustex Media/Honey
Saustex Media/Sauspop Records
Saustex Records
Savage Man Records
Screaming Lizard Records
Sean Hayes
Sean Hayes Music
Seany Records
Sebastian Records
Secret Sound Recordings
Secret Sound Recordings/Red Rum Records
Self Group
Shaking Shanghai
Sheeba Music
Shoeless Records
shoeless records/floating
Silver Shot Records
Silverado Christmas
Silvertone Records
Simon Recordings
Singing Heart Productions
Six Shooter Records
Skookum Records
Slackertone Records
Sleep of Oldominion
Slick Music, Inc.
Small Aisles
Small Plates Records
Small Press Records
Soapbox Records
Sojourn Records
Solid Ground Productions, LLC
Solid Rock
Sonic Rendezvous
Sooner the Sunset
Soozanto Records
Southern Shift Records
Spark and Shine Records
Spiral Subwave Records International
Spiral Subwave Records International LLC
Spooky Electric
Sportn' Life Records
Spruce and Maple Music
Squirm Records
Starry Records
SteadyBoy Records
StepChild Music
Stove Punchin' Records
Strange Light Records
Stunt Records
Suburbs Music
Sukey Jump Music
Sunless Sea Records
Supernova Productions
Swingin' Records


T Cat Records
Take Root Records
Tango Alpha Tango
Tantobie Records
Tear Stained Records
Telehog Records
Temple Records
Texas World Records
The Bureau Records
The Harmonica Pocket
The Hot Biscuits Recording Co.
The Kennedys
The Moon and Six Pence
The New Black Records
The Readeez Company
The Shipp Records
The Watson Twins
The Whizpops
Think Piece Publishing
Tightrope Records
Timber Carnival Records
Tonequake Records
Totally Gross National Product
Totally Gross National Product/Moon Glyp
Tres Pescadores Records
Tres Pescadres Records
Troubadour Jass
Turn-Up Records
Tuscan Sun
Two Roads Records
Typhon Records


Underworld Records
Ungawa Legacy


Viscious Kitten Records
Volunteer Media
Vooddo Doughnut Recordings
Voodoo Doughnut Recordings
Voodoo Doughnuts


Wabuho Records
Wapikiya Records
Well Worn Records
West Sound Records
Western Jubilee Recording Company
Western Jubilee Recording Company/Plectr
Western Jubilee Recording Company/Plectraphone Records
Western Seeds Records
Whippoorwill Arts
White Boy Records
White Moon Productions
Whooray Records
WIAB Records
Wide Lode
Widow and the Stranger
Widow and the Stranger Records
Widow's Peak Records
Wilburn Records
Woobietown Records
Woodstock Sessions
Woodstock Sessions/Team Sleep
Worm Hole


XRAY Records


Yukon Records


Zeno Records
Zero One Music (Entertainment)