One Sheet Help

How To Create A One Sheet

1. View the example Word document of a one sheet (If you can't open the Word document, refer to our graphic representation of the one sheet). Or, you can view and print a pdf file example to further assist with building your own one sheet.

2. Print these instructions.

Burnside Distribution One Sheet Explanation Page:

Artist name/Album title: On the example you will notice Chris McFarland and "As If To Lay To Rest" at the top of the page. Enter your artist/band name where it says Chris McFarland. Where it says "As If To Lay To Rest" enter your album title.

On the upper right there is a picture of the In Music We Trust logo. Insert your logo here instead.

Notice below the logo there is a picture of Chris McFarland's album cover art. Please insert a cover scan of YOUR album cover art here.

Under track listings, list the song titles and the track positioning.

Release date - enter your release date here. Remember, as a distributor, we like 6-8 weeks lead time to solicit the title to stores. Four weeks minimum. Think about that before soliciting us your one sheet. We want to do the best we can, to help your record live up to the high hopes you have for us. Please help us by giving us a proper one sheet and proper lead-time.

Format - Burnside distributes CD's, DVD's and Vinyl.

Wholesale Price CD - Please refer to the pricing grid.

Catalog Number - The catalog number for Chris McFarland's CD is IMWT004. This is because the label's catalog code (In Music We Trust) is IMWT. And Chris McFarland is their first release. If your catalog code is HK and it's your 18th release, a good catalog number might be HK018 or HK18.

Now, either put a picture of your bar code (make sure it is clear so it can be faxed and still read) or put the UPC # underneath the suggested list price. As per our example, we put both there. You can do that to, if you wish.

Back to the left side of the page. In the text box, please write information about the artist and the release. Remember, this is information the store buyer will read to see if they want to buy your record. So, make it stand out and make it interesting.

Underneath the text box (but still in the text box), put key selling points. Good key selling points including highlighted artists or notable artists who collaborated or played on the disc, marketing plans, etc.

Then, underneath that is the distribution information. Include all or most of the below Burnside Distribution information so we can sell as many of your CDs as is possible.

Underneath it all is the label information. Notice on the example it says In Music We Trust - and then has an e-mail address. Enter your information here.

The example was made in Microsoft Word 8.0 from Microsoft Office 98. If you can't open the example, please use the above information and the graphic representation here to build your own one sheet. Without a one sheet, we can't sell your record to stores. A one sheet is a crucial necessity in selling records. With your help we can help your record reach its audience.

For those that can view Microsoft Word documents, download the example one sheet here and just plug in your information.