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I See Hawks In L.A.
I See Hawks In L.A.
Western Seeds Records
AMERICANA CD 724101716829 05/09/06
I See Hawks In L.A.
Hallowed Ground
Western Seeds Records
AMERICANA CD 724101200625 05/20/08
Earthworm Ensemble
Earthworm Ensemble
Western Seeds Records
CHILDRENS CD 724101748226 02/16/10
Puts Marie
Pornstar/Horse Gone Far 7"
Voodoo Doughnut Recordings
ROCK/POP Vinyl 616892342540 03/18/16
Doughnut Boys, The / Pink Boxxes
It Ain't No Cupcake (Workin' at Voodoo Doughnut) / Cheap Bastard 7"
Voodoo Doughnut Recordings
ELECTRONIC Vinyl 616892216445 07/15/14
Star Anna
Go to Hell CD
Stunt Double Records
ROCK/POP CD 678277223028 09/17/13
David J and The Gentlemen Thieves/Darwin
Gentrification Blues/Horrible Coccoon 7"
Starry Records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 614511835725 04/15/16
Traster, Ryan
'Choses Obscures' LP
Slow Start Records
AMERICANA Vinyl 685364584023 07/26/19
March Divide, The
Lost Causes
Slow Start Records
ROCK/POP CD 655360482166 06/10/22
March Divide, The
Slow Start Records
ROCK/POP CD 655360002623 04/23/21
March Divide, The
Slow Start Records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 685364584139 06/25/21
March Divide, The
Anticipation Pops
Slow Start Records
ROCK/POP CD 685364583903 08/17/18
March Divide, The
'Anticipation Pops' LP
Slow Start Records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 685364583897 08/17/18
Bryan. Mark
'Midlife Priceless' LP
Slow Start Records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 685364584115 04/02/21
Hayes, Sean
Big Black Hole & The Little Baby Star
Sean Hayes Music
ROCK/POP CD 751937284222 07/15/16
Western Star
'Any Way How' LP
Saustex Records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 614511855129 11/16/18
Western Star
Fireball LP
Saustex Media
ROCK/POP Vinyl 614511834520 11/20/15
Western Star
Saustex Media
ROCK/POP CD 614511833820 11/20/15
Rankoutsider Records
ROCK/POP CD 811204013457 10/15/13
May, Charlie & the Pony Boy All-Star Big Band
Plays the Arrangements of Gaylord Jones
Pony Boy Records
JAZZ CD 060325012621 11/08/05
Beaten By Them
People Start Listening
ROCK/POP CD 634479307614 11/22/11
Cahoone,. Sera
'From Where I Started' LP
Lady Muleskinner Records
AMERICANA Vinyl 614511842921 03/24/17
Cahoone, Sera
From Where I Started
Lady Muleskinner Records
AMERICANA CD 614511842129 03/24/17
Starfolk, The
The Starfolk
Korda Records
ROCK/POP CD 643157427056 09/17/13
Damron, Michael Dean & Thee Loyal Bastards
Bad Days Ahead
In Music We Trust
ROCK/POP CD 634479673696 02/19/08
Stargazer's Assistant, The
Remoteness of Light
House of Mythology
ROCK/POP CD 884388160170 07/20/18
Stargazer's Assistant
'Remoteness Of Light' LP
House of Mythology
ROCK/POP Vinyl 884388160187 09/21/18
New York All-Star Big Band, The
The Unheard Artie Shaw
Hep Records
JAZZ CD 603366210429 11/17/17
Kelly, Jeff
'Beneath The Stars, Above The River'
Green Monkey Records
ROCK/POP CD 718483105326 05/17/19
Domino, Floyd
Floyd Domino's All-Stars
AMERICANA CD 757001000729 11/16/18
Bell, Glenna
Lone Star: Songs and Stories Straight from the Heart of Texas
Glenna Bell
AMERICANA CD 888295378567 04/15/16
Click, Danny and the Hell Yeahs!
Captured LIVE!
DogStar Records
AMERICANA CD 614511827225 08/19/14
Click, Danny and the Americana Orchestra
LIVE at 142
DogStar Records
AMERICANA CD 845121023237 06/15/18
Click, Danny
Life Is A Good Place
DogStar Records
AMERICANA CD 700261322094 03/15/11
Click, Danny
Holding Up The Sun
DogStar Records
AMERICANA CD 700261428864 09/18/15
Camobear All-Stars
Camobear Green
Camobear Records
RAP/HIPHOP CD/DVD 847108033871 02/21/12
Various Artists
The Festival of a Thousand Stars
Cadiz Music Ltd/March Hare Music
WORLD CD 614511747721 01/09/07
Lenz, Kim
Slowly Speeding
Blue Star Record Co.
AMERICANA CD 614511853224 02/15/19
Lenz, Kim
'Slowly Speeding' LP
Blue Star Record Co.
AMERICANA Vinyl 614511854627 02/15/19
Fires, Cars & Autumn Stars
Bigger Better More Records
ROCK/POP CD 614511843027 05/19/17