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Rave, Dave & Mark McCarron
Another Side of Love
Bongo Beat Records
JAZZ CD 767003195927 01/01/03
Rave, Dave & Mark McCarron
In The Blue Of My Dreams
Bongo Beat Records
JAZZ CD 767000199027 07/10/07
Pickerel, Mark and His Praying Hands
Candy Cross
AMERICANA CD 884501954136 09/17/13
Karan, Mark
Walk Through The Fire
Dig Music
ROCK/POP CD 766057074325 06/15/10
Olson, Mark & Ingunn Ringvold
'Magdalen Accepts the Invitation' LP
Fiesta Red Records
AMERICANA Vinyl 051497162726 06/05/20
Mendoza Line, The
30 Year Low / The Final Remarks of the Legendary Malcontent 2 CD Set
ROCK/POP 2 CD Set 656605951027 01/19/10
Goblin Market
Beneath Far Gondal's Foreign Sky
Green Monkey Records
ROCK/POP CD 718483101229 03/20/12
Slezak, Suz
Watching the Nightime Come
Mark of the Leopard
CHILDRENS CD 616892233848 04/14/15
Bryan. Mark
Midlife Priceless
Midlife Priceless
ROCK/POP CD 685364584122 04/02/21
Greenberger, David & Mark Greenberg with Paul Cebar
Tell Me That Before
PelPel Recordings
SPOKENWORD CD 884501529433 07/17/12
Bryan. Mark
'Midlife Priceless' LP
Slow Start Records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 685364584115 04/02/21