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Clarke, Terry
BLUES CD 8012786013220 01/18/11
Adams, Terry
Holy Tweet
Clang! Records
ROCK/POP CD 614511746120 04/21/09
Adams, Terry
Love Letter To Andromeda
Clang! Records
AMERICANA CD 614511757720 07/15/08
Adams, Terry
Rhythm Spell
Clang! Records
ROCK/POP CD 614511749022 05/08/07
Adams, Terry Rock & Roll Quartet, The
Crazy 8's
Clang! Records
ROCK/POP CD 614511763226 01/19/10
Adams, Julie and the Mountain Stage Band
Julie Adams and the Mtn. Stage Band (Vol. 2)
Gadfly Records
ROCK/POP CD 076605227821 06/21/11
Hale, Terry Lee
Leaving West
Last Call Records
BLUES CD 614511720625 07/22/03
Salgado, Curtis & Terry Robb
Hit It 'n Quit It
Lucky Records
BLUES CD 051952804024 09/21/10
Robb, Terry
Confessin' My Dues
Nia Sounds
BLUES CD 859730725024 09/13/19