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Arto, Rockin' Raffi
Introducing Rockin' Raffi
Swingin' Records
ROCK/POP CD 614511822923 01/21/14
Avery, C.R.
Magic Hour Sailor Songs
Bongo Beat Records
ROCK/POP CD 777000199224 09/11/07
Clevenger, Walter & the Dairy Kings
Full Tilt & Swing
Brewery Records
ROCK/POP CD 829757307824 10/14/03
Damonte Dirk
Magic Wing
INSTRMTL CD 099144100929 01/01/03
Edwards, T. Tex & The Swingin' Kornflake Killers
Up Against The Floor
Saustex Media/Honey
COUNTRY CD 614511750820 10/09/07
Gordon, Barry
Santa Swings: Solo Piano
Pony Boy Records
HOLIDAY CD 060325011426 11/08/05
Jazzy Ash
Swing Set
Leaping Lizards Music
CHILDRENS CD 614511844727 07/21/17
Lovelace, Josh
'Growing Up' LP
Stonycroft Records
CHILDRENS Vinyl 614511862424 09/20/19
Lovelace, Josh
Growing Up
Stonycroft Records
CHILDRENS CD 614511858229 07/19/19
Magic Music
Magic Music
Bright Sun Records
AMERICANA CD 619159610567 08/19/16
Magic Music
Magic Music LP
Bright Sun Records
AMERICANA Vinyl 619159610581 08/19/16
Magic Shoppe
Down The Wych Elm
Little Cloud Records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 614511882026 06/21/24
EVERYDAY/Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down
American Leather Records
PUNK Vinyl 614511851121 02/09/18
Maldives, The
Muscle for the Wing CD
Maldives LLC
ROCK/POP CD 751937415428 10/16/12
Nilsen John
Above Me
Magic Wing
INSTRMTL CD 099144101223 01/01/03
Nilsen John
Across Oregon
Magic Wing
INSTRMTL CD 099144101421 01/01/03
Nilsen John
As Far As Near
Magic Wing
INSTRMTL CD 099144101322 01/01/03
Nilsen John
John Nilsen and Swimfish
Magic Wing
ROCK/POP CD 099144101629 09/12/06
Nilsen John
Magic Wing
NEW AGE CD 884501221689 01/19/10
Omar and the Howlers
'Swing Land' CD
Big Guitar Music
BLUES CD 633081115228 02/17/23
Omar and the Howlers
Chapel Hill with Nalle and Magic Slim Limited Edition
Big Guitar Music
BLUES CD 614511826228 07/15/14
Paradise, Danny
Travelers, Magicians & Shamans
Medicine Warrior/MB Recordings
ROCK/POP CD 614511753326 11/17/09
Radke, HB & the Jet City Swingers
Pony Boy Records
JAZZ CD 060325011624 11/08/05
Roegiers, Douglas "The Crooner"
Introducing Douglas "The Crooner" Roegiers
Swingin' Records
ROCK/POP CD 888608287753 03/18/14
Triple Rainbow
You Are Magic
Brave New People
CHILDRENS CD 703669153796 01/21/22
Williamson, Greg & the Big Bad Groove Society
Swing Your Big Head
Pony Boy Records
JAZZ CD 060325011020 11/08/05
Wilson, Teddy
Of Thee I Swing
Hep Records
JAZZ CD 603366102021 11/18/16