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Greenberger, David & Shaking Ray Levis
Tramps That Go Think in the Night
PelPel Recordings
SPOKENWORD CD 884501888806 09/17/13
Crenshaw, Mic
Thinking Out Loud
Focused Noise Productions
RAP/HIPHOP CD 619981275422 11/18/08
Wence, Bill
Songs That Make Me Think About You
615 Records
COUNTRY CD 700261409344 09/16/14
Lamb, Patrick
Pick Up The Pieces EP
Patrick Lamb Productions
JAZZ CD 616892118442 11/19/13
Levy, Adam
Naubinway LP
Think Piece Publishing
ROCK/POP Vinyl 789577745629 10/16/15
Levy, Adam
Think Piece Publishing
ROCK/POP CD 789577745612 10/16/15
Gleason's Wasted Days, Dave
Just Fall To Pieces
Well Worn Records
AMERICANA CD 837101341554 02/19/08
Ants on a Log
Curious: Think Outside the Pipeline!
Ant Hill
CHILDRENS CD 614511859424 04/19/19
Dowd, Johnny
A Drunkard's Masterpiece
Bongo Beat Records
ROCK/POP CD 777000200128 05/20/08
'Bruise Blood: Reimagining Steve Reich’s Music for Pieces of Wood' 12"
Totally Gross National Product
ROCK/POP Vinyl 789577766013 07/21/17