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Von Balthazar, Troy
"...is with the demon"
The New Black Records
ROCK/POP CD 614511807524 06/18/13
Peris, Karen
'A Song is Way Above the Lawn' LP
Therese Records
CHILDRENS Vinyl 195893964635 10/08/21
Crushed Out
'Alien Ocean' LP
Cool Clear Water Records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 191018108229 07/21/17
'All The Colours Of The Dark' LP
Federale Records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 616892416647 11/20/20
'All The World's A Dressing Room: Live in La.A. 08.24.2018' 2 LP Set
Saustex Records
ROCK/POP 2 LP Set 614511860420 08/16/19
'Another Day' LP
Doomtown Sounds
PUNK Vinyl 614511848329 09/15/17
Kingsley Flood
'Another Other' LP
Soapbox Records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 616892423744 11/18/16
March Divide, The
'Anticipation Pops' LP
Slow Start Records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 685364583897 08/17/18
Flynn, Ashleigh and the Riveters
'Ashleigh Flynn and the Riveters' LP
Home Perm Records
AMERICANA Vinyl 678277271517 09/21/18
Robinson, Nell & Jim Nunally Band
'Baby Lets Take The Long Way Home'
Whippoorwill Arts, LLC
FOLK CD 805859058826 04/21/17
Omar and the Howlers
'Bamboozled' CD
Big Guitar Music
BLUES CD 710347111528 02/17/23
HHY & The Macumbas
'Beheaded Totem' LP
House of Mythology
ELECTRONIC Vinyl 884388160590 09/28/18
Kelly, Jeff
'Beneath The Stars, Above The River'
Green Monkey Records
ROCK/POP CD 718483105326 05/17/19
Poison Idea
'Blank Blackout Vacant' 2 LP Set
American Leather Records
PUNK 2 LP Set 614511868525 11/20/20
pine hill haints, the
'Blue Halloween' 7"
arkam records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 614511840026 10/21/16
Omar and the Howlers
'Boogie Man' CD
Big Guitar Music
BLUES CD 710347109327 02/17/23
Andreadis, Athena
'breathe With Me'
Embraceable Records
ROCK/POP CD 5060141432790 03/17/17
Amaker, Brent and The Rodeo
'Brent Amaker DeathSquad' 12" EP
RodeoCorp, Ltd.
COUNTRY 12" Vinyl EP 724101792915 01/31/20
Jenny Don't And The Spurs
'Call Of The Road' LP
Doomtown Sounds
AMERICANA Vinyl 614511847322 08/18/17
Poison Idea
'Calling All Ghosts' LP
American Leather Records
PUNK Vinyl 614511845526 06/16/17
de Holanda, Hamilton Quintet
'Casa de Bituca--The Music Of Milton Nascimento'
Adventure Music
WORLD CD/DVD 823421111021 10/20/17
Wilkes, J. D. /Charlie Stamper
'Cattle In The Cane' LP
arkam records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 616892249948 10/14/16
'CL.1' LP
Little Cloud Records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 614511883924 06/21/24
Black Tones, The
'Cobain & Cornbread' LP
Reptar Records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 614511859325 08/16/19
Delines, The
'Colfax' LP
El Cortez/Delines
AMERICANA Vinyl 5052571054819 09/22/22
Suburbs, The
'Cows b/w Baby Heartbeat' 7"
Suburbs Music
ROCK/POP 7" Vinyl 789577772618 01/18/19
'Create Christ, Sailor Boy' 2 LP Set
House of Mythology
ROCK/POP 2 LP Set 884388161467 06/24/22
Little Sue
'crow (20th anniversary edition)'
Secret Sound Recordings
AMERICANA CD 857674003864 02/22/19
Little Sue
'crow (20th anniversary edition)' LP
Secret Sound Recordings
AMERICANA Vinyl 678277271586 02/22/19
Crime Scene w/ Jerry A. Lang
'Dark Tidings' Vinyl EP
American Leather Records
ROCK/POP 12" Vinyl EP 614511877527 01/20/23
Ocean Blue, The
'Davy Jones Locker' LP
Korda Records/Ocean Blue
ROCK/POP Vinyl 614511872522 08/04/23
Horton, Heather Lynn
'Don't Mess With Mrs. Murphy'
Pauper Sky Records
AMERICANA CD 888295594820 07/07/17
'Drone Activity 13.10.18'
House of Mythology
ROCK/POP CD 884388160743 06/07/19
Los Mundos
'Eco del Universo' LP
Little Cloud Records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 614511876124 03/31/23
Pupillo, Massimo; Márton Csókás; Gabriele Tinti
'Embracing the Ruins' LP
House of Mythology
ELECTRONIC Vinyl 884388161207 08/20/21
invisible teardrops, the
'endless winter' LP
arkam records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 614511861625 03/15/19
Pierce, Garrett
'Eyes Wide In The Fire' LP
Crossbill Records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 8435631360650 05/21/21
Libras, The
'Faded' LP
Out Of The Past
ROCK/POP Vinyl 810017645930 02/26/21
Poison Idea
'Feel the Darkness' 2 LP Set
American Leather Records
PUNK 2 LP Set 614511877022 03/22/24
Jocephus & The George Jonestown Massacre
'Five Minutes To Live: A Tribute to Johnny Cash' LP
Saustex Records
AMERICANA Vinyl 614511843324 10/20/17