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Poison Idea, Tribute to G.I.S.M.

Japan's Hardcore Punk pioneers G.I.S.M. were a band whose influence reached the remotest corners of underground music the world over, shaping the look, sound, and approach of generations of Punk, Hardcore, Metal, and other extreme music acts for the last 40 years. Chief among their early Western champions was America’s own Hardcore Punk trailblazers, POISON IDEA. Upon learning of G.I.S.M.’s visionary frontman and creative architect Sakevi Yokoyama’s death on August 24th, 2023, POISON IDEA felt compelled to honor the monumental legacy left in the wake of this loss, and we are now proud to present the result with POISON IDEA's Tribute To G.I.S.M. 7” EP. From the artwork and layout to the recordings, Tribute To G.I.S.M. is an earnest homage to one of Punk music's most fearless and singular voices, and to the inarticulable immense, immortal legacy of Sakevi Yokoyama.

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