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Omar and the Howlers, What's Buggin' You?

Omar Kent Dykes finally returns with What’s Buggin’ You?, his first since 2017 when he contracted a muscle disease in both arms that prevented him from playing guitar. In May, he was able to go back to the studio to record 10 original songs and one cover, “Crackin’ Up” by Bo Diddley (coincidentally both from McComb, Mississippi---maybe it’s the water). Somewhat recovered, Omar was able to play guitar on four tracks and harp on another but he still sings up a storm. The ever-evolving Howlers this time around are the stellar Eve Monsees on lead guitar, longtime Howler Jason Crisp on bass, Mike Buck (LeRoi Brothers, Fabulous Thunderbirds) on drums, and engineer Nico Leophonte from Alnico Recording Studio on percussion. Omar calls this his “man and beast” record because of the titles of the songs. “Lover Man” was on Blues Bag (1991), but Omar plays it this time as a shuffle. “Gator Man” is a swampy new song that features Greg Martin from the Kentucky Headhunters on guitar, along with Eve and Omar himself. “The Runnin’ Man” is played with Omar’s signature Bo Diddley beat. The beast songs are “Bad Monkey” and “Thousand Pound Gorilla.” Finally, “No Peace in the City” is Omar’s 2023 social commentary track inspired by the 1987 hit “Hard Times in the Land of Plenty.” Granted, it took a while but Omar’s loyal global fans will not be disappointed with What’s Buggin’ You?

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