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Dandy Warhols, The, '...The Dandy Warhols Come Down' 2 LP Set

Little Cloud Records and Beat The World Records have teamed up to bring you the 25th anniversary reissue of ...The Dandy Warhols Come Down!!! Of course it was held back because of a year-long delay at the pressing plant, so technically it's the 26th year anniversary now. Better late than never!! This Portland 4-piece play "an aggressive mix of psychedelic guitar, lush dissonance and stoner vocals" (Rolling Stone). Comparisons to "brit-pop" stars (e.g. Oasis) are made often, and front man Courtney Taylor's "quote-ability" has helped them create a buzz at press and retail. The hip, often outrageous band sold 12,000 units of their 1995 indie full-length debut, Dandy's Rule OK, and attracted alt-rock airplay and MTV spins on the track "The Dandy Warhol's' T.V. Theme Song.

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