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Delines, The, The Night Always Comes LP

The Delines are proud to announce the vinyl release of the soundtrack to Willy Vlautin’s sixth novel ‘The Night Always Comes. The soundtrack was previously only available as a compact disc with the first printing of his book of the same name. The album features two vocal tracks by Amy Boone including a stunning cover of Spiritualized’s ‘Broken Heart’ and ‘Don’t Think Less of Me’ with nine beautiful instrumentals. The soundtrack follow’s the novels central character, Lynette, frantic search trying to source funding to buy her family’s house in the quickly gentrifying Portland, Oregon. Set over a harrowing two days and two nights, it sees the death of the American Dream for the working class owning a home. The Delines are from Portland, Oregon formed in 2015 with four previous studio albums to their name. Willy Vlautin is the songwriter for the band and previously with Richmond Fontaine with over 15 albums released.

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