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Sweeney, Luke, 'Rishi' LP

Inspired by the traumatic birth and unexpected death of his infant daughter in 2018, this ‘humble temple of songs’ was mostly written in India, where Sweeney’s family made a return trip to deliver Rishi’s ashes to the Ganges. The album’s construction took place over the next two years in a San Francisco apartment studio with longtime collaborators Joe Santarpia (Mac DeMarco) and Roberto Pagano (Tonsstartssbandht) — and features musical contributions from some of Sweeney’s bandmates in Healing Potpourri. The rich and heavenly synth tones, breathy instrumental moments, and earthy rhythmic textures carry the emotional weight of a very heavy subject matter with a deft playfulness akin to a group of spirits guiding us through untethered dimensions.

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