Burnside Album Details

Holidays, The, Big Sexy World

1990’s Seattle band, The Holidays, are at last releasing their 30-year-overdue debut album Big Sexy World. The band made a colorful splash with their 1990 EP, Every Day Is A Holiday, garnering big radio/TV play in Seattle for their song and video “Octopus of Love”. Beatle-esque, with boy/girl harmonies and a monster hook, it was a Summertime Pop Classic. Next: The Holidays made what would have been their 1st album, Big Sexy World which captured the bands’ knack for killer hooks with a dark twist, while adding a Brass section and some intriguing surprises. Then—they hit the Pause button. Until now. And somehow, this Lost album is coming out at the perfect moment. Big Sexy World is a musical blast from a different time yet sounds fresh and timeless. And its blend of harmony, melody, hope, and optimistic cynicism lands in the World of 2022…just right.