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Green Pajamas, The, Sunlight Might Weigh Even More

All new album by Seattle’s legendary Green Pajamas for 2021! The astonishing, Sunlight Might Weigh Even More, destined to be a landmark in their impressive discography, lands in the tradition of their classic trio of albums from the 1990’s, Strung Behind the Sun, All Clues Lead to Meagan’s Bed and Seven Fathoms Down and Falling. Sunlight Might Weigh Even More is full of the PJ’s trademark memorable melodies, exotic instruments, vocal harmonies and ringing electric guitars, with the occasional analogue synthesizer, birdsong, backwards girls’ choir or London rain storm thrown in for good measure. The vibe here leans heavily to the sunny psych-pop that the Green Pajamas remain most associated with, even after 25 albums of remarkable diversity.

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