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Kelly, Jeff, When The World Was Younger

Jeff Kelly’s (of The Green Pajamas) new album is a follow up to last year’s fado-inspired, Beneath The Stars, Under The River. Portugal and Spain are again the inspiration for When The World Was Younger. The album consists of four brand new songs along with fresh recordings of Jeff’s Summers Here and The Wishing Well, both written in 1990 for his cassette release, Portugal. There is an acoustic take of Cristina Dancing, Jeff’s tribute to flamenco dancer, Cristina Hoyos and a new recording of Autumn in Lisbon originally written in 1997. The new recordings were all created at home during the pandemic. Jeff states: “I had plans to go back to Europe this May. Then the virus hit, I had to cancel everything. It’s a new album instead. This album is very nostalgic and about missingness and of longing for another place and time when the world was younger.”

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