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Doughboys, The, Running For Covers

"The Doughboys’ 6th studio album is Running For Covers, from the band whose career spans pretty much all the decades rock’n’roll has been in existence. Returning to their roots, harkening back to their days as one of the most popular bands in central Jersey in the mid 60’s, they dig deep to find gems from the likes of the Kinks, The Band, The Stones, Herman’s Hermits and the Fab Four. Then they venture further to unearth outside-genre nuggets stamping all the tracks with grooves and riffs galore. They even cover themselves with new renditions of the A-sides of their two ‘67 singles for Bell Records benefiting from years of musical experience and wisdom. “If you are looking for enthusiasm, then this is for you. No one could play with more enthusiasm than The DOUGHBOYS…….lend them your ears!!!” Herman’s Hermits’ Peter Noone "

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