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Ants Ants Ants, The Robot EP

Ants Ants Ants, who invaded the national family music scene last year with their “smart, catchy kids' pop” album Why Why Why, have just released The Robot EP. The four tracks on The Robot EP shine with the signature harmonic pure-pop sound of Ants Ants Ants. “Robot Robot,” is jingly-jangly, hand-clappy tune asking, “Robot, can you hear me?” It’s a poignant refrain for our AI times, with all sorts of techno-buzzy sounds thrown in for fun. “Dance Robot Dance” imagines an electric boogie robot who's a little weary after “dancing all night” at the disco. With nods to The Beatles, ELO and Nick Lowe, the dreamy “Robot Suite” continues the wonderment at the inner life of our electronic friend. A “Robot Reprise” ends the EP with a clear signal that there’s more imaginative fun ahead.

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