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Stuart, Eric Band, In The County Of Kings

After 4 national tours with such acts as Ringo Starr, Peter Frampton and Lynyrd Skynyrd comes the 5th CD from Brooklyn, NY based Eric Stuart Band. It's filled with 15 smart, melodic, and lyrically clever tunes showcasing Eric's gift of solid, intelligent songwriting. Though touching on many genres including rock, folk and country, the album is able to keep a sonically common thread throughout with Eric's distinct warm, yet edgy, strong voice. The band lays a foundation that supports songs yet isn't afraid to rock out when needed. From darker tales of heartache and pain to the lighter, more playful tunes that have us envisioning the grin on Eric's face as he delivers his razor-sharp quips, this is another great journey down the creative road of Eric Stuart's music. "A good powerful voice. He's great!" - Ringo Starr "Eric is a terrific writer and singer and deserves to be heard." - Peter Frampton

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