Burnside Album Details

J Dohe X Neph, Bar Stool

Bar Stool is the debut release from Vancouver-based hip-hop duo J. Dohe X Neph. Crafted with an authentic golden era esthetic and sound, the album is guaranteed to bring you back to the feeling of the mid 90's while keeping up with the lyrical stylings and subjects of today. Coming to fruition while touring across Canada with Neph's uncle Prevail (Swollen Members), J. Dohe X Neph have since shared stages from coast to coast rocking crowds to their unique blend of relevant yet golden era inspired hip-hop. With production by Rob The Viking (Swollen Members), Im'peretiv, D-Rec and more, Bar Stool proves to be the perfect jump off for fans of masterfully aged, balanced and full bodied Canadian hip-hop. Welcome to the Bar Stool.