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kNIFE & fORK, The Higher You Get The Rarer The Vegetation

kNIFE & fORK, is Laurie Hall of psych-punks Ovarian Trolley and Eric Drew Feldman. Feldman has worked with some of the most influential, experimental and pioneering artists in rock, including Captain Beefheart, Snakefinger, Pere Ubu, The Pixies, Frank Black / Black Francis & PJ Harvey. Including Ovarian Trolley, Hall has composed, recorded, and toured the known world with the family vocal trio 'The Hall Flowers' and folk-noir band 'Ruby Howl' for nearly 20 years. Rolling Stone magazine described their co-written songs as "atmospheric alchemy - classic blues filtered through avant garde composer Tony Conrad." PJ Harvey called them "one of the only bands that have affected me in recent years. Unpredictable, beautiful, powerful and moving, quite unlike anything else."