Burnside Album Details

Savoir Faire, 'Black Trash' 2 LP Set

SAVOIR FAIRE is a sound, a spell, and an incantation. SAVOIR FAIRE is a guitarist/songwriter/street-poet from the Crenshaw neighborhood of L.A. After a decade, he has released his “trashterpiece” double-album Black Trash, a statement of purpose which lays his life of rock & roll survival, literally, on the line with subject matter of vivacious vixens, neon nights and facing ones demons, it also contains shards of hard-won wisdom and truth about the Black Experience. with longtime producer Luther Russell at the helm. Black Trash is a culmination of a life lived through the music that saved his soul. Savoir Faire is here to speak to the street, like a lamplight illuminating the madness in the shadows. Black Trash contains all the mysterious darkness and sexy romance of both.