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Arto, Rockin' Raffi, Introducing Rockin' Raffi

12-year-old "Rockin" Raffi Arto, the singing and piano-playing phenom from Paris, France, is a rollicking rhythm machine. He’s got a cannon in his left hand and a rifle in his right. The piano itself comes to life in his hands.. Boogie-woogie, blues, soul, R&B, pop, classical, and of course piano-pounding Rock’n’Roll. While his hands beat a rhythm, he belts out the lyrics with passion and ferocity like there’s no tomorrow. He is handsome, gifted, captivating, and charming, winning hearts over with every performance. When he plays, people of all ages are drawn to him like moths to a flame. Raffi is a force of nature, a rock 'n rolling incandescent light. Rockin' Raffi Arto has arrived on the scene, and soon will be leading the charge to keep the spirit of Rock 'n’ Roll alive….! His debut album, Introducing… is produced by industry veteran and Grammy award winning guitarist Pete Anderson showcases this rockin’ and rollin’, barrelhouse piano playing wunderkind.