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Lange, Larry & His Lonely Knights, Wiggle Room

Larry Lange’s Wiggle Room remembers the times and the places of the music that changed his life. It was the sixties, the seventies, Louisiana, San Antonio, the sounds from the Gulf Coast, when regional hits were just that: sounds reflective of the communities that gave them life. Lange loved the swamp pop, Tejano rock, and southern blues so much that he became a lifelong bass-playing musician. These days, his bass is out front in Larry Lange and His Lonely Knights, a glorious gumbo of sounds that fill his soul. Bringing those Texas / Louisiana 45s back to life has become a mission for Lange, who shares vocal duties with Joanna Ramirez and swamp pop legend Tommy McLain in front of that brassy, big Tejano sound that fills dance halls. Having heroes like McLain along for the ride is only part of the celebration, as Lange covers songs by Sir Doug Sahm, Cookie and the Cupcakes, McLain, and some by his own self. Lange brings it all home to Austin, where all styles are welcome, and he has all the wiggle room he needs.