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Ottmar Liebert, Petals On The Path

Petals On The Path delivers Ottmar Liebert's signature Flamenco style with a refreshing new approach. After touring Japan last fall with the new Luna Negra trio, everyone realized this was a special group of musicians. "Instead of crafting the songs in the studio, one track at time, we decided to record the group playing together as we would on stage, says Liebert." With Jon Gagan on bass and Michael Chavez on drums, the trio set out to record the album in four sessions with very few overdubs. "I wanted to capture an old-fashioned organic drum sound and to keep a well-defined space by mixing the bass to one side, the drums to the other, and the guitar up the middle... a production nod to the 60's that created a big canvas with an intimate feel to it." Superb musicianship abounds throughout this collection of eleven intriguing and sensual melodies. The seemingly simple, yet well thought out, arrangements weave and intertwine like the grace and complex simplicity of haiku poetry. Petals On The Path is a tantalizing journey that is Ottmar Liebert at his best.

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