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Tyson Meade, Tomorrow In Progress CD

Oklahoma native Tyson Meade led alternative groups Defenestration and Chainsaw Kittens during the 80s and 90s leaving a musical legacy and personal mayhem in his wake until "Iggy told me to be good. To clean up, I moved to China and ran a boarding school and told myself I was done with music. During my long sabbatical, I was christened the Godfather of Alternative Rock by Converse (I had been wondering what I would put on my tombstone). But then, I met a student violinist, with an engulfing passion for music and pureness of spirit. He brought a new perspective to me. This is when I started writing with him, him filling in the gaps and making my songs pocket symphonies. I then enlisted more students from middle schools and high schools in China and the USA. I called my friends - like Jimmy Chamberlin (ex- Smashing Pumpkins), Jesse Tabish (Other Lives) and Derek Brown (Flaming Lips). They jumped at the chance to play. Kerry Brown brought his award winning wizardry mixing talents on board, as did Grammy winner Trent Bell. And thus we have, Tomorrow in Progress." - Tyson Meade The LP component is pressed on yellow 180 gram vinyl and contains a digital download card.

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