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Crazy 8s, Out Of The Way LP

"The horn driven darlings of the independent college radio scene in the 1980's and members of the Oregon Music Hall of Fame, Portland's Crazy 8s released 5 independently distributed LP's. Four of them are now available on vinyl for the first time in over 20 years. 1985's ""Nervous in Suburbia"" charted nationally on college radio as well as on Top 40 radio with the song ""Touchy Situation"" and album radio with the tracks""Scratch and Claw"" and ""First Strike"". 1987's ""Out of the Way"" displays amazing album art from the Pander Brothers and features the top 40 track""Luv'll Find You"" as well as college/album radio tracks ""One World Vision"", ""Main Thing"" and ""Courage and Conviction"". 1988's ""Big Live Nut Pack"" was recorded before the largest crowd to ever attend a concert at the University of Oregon's Erb Memorial Ballroom and features live versions of the best of the Crazy 8s on a 2-album set. An amazing live recording! 1989s ""Doggapotamus World"" was the last and best album released by Crazy 8s and featured the tracks ""The Key"", ""Wake Up"", ""Knock Me Down"", Doggapotamus"", ""Bootyopolis"", ""Find Myself a Sunny Spot"", ""Highly Independent"" and ""Work or Beer"" Pressing is very limited so order up now!

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