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Churchwood, Churchwood

Churchwood is anything but the same old blues from Austin, Texas. On their debut album for Saustex, they recall the glory days of Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band and bring whiffs of Jon Spencer to the mix — blues music that’s adventurous, innovative, wild, wooly and stirring that comes down from deep within the musical delta of that hipster realm known as Bohemia via the garage. The band reunites guitarist Bill Anderson (known for his six-string mastery and versatility with such diverse bands as Poison 13, The Horsies and The Meat Purveyors) and singer/lyricist Joe Doerr (with roots music cred from his 1980s stint in the legendary LeRoi Brothers), who led Ballad Shambles and Hand of Glory for three now prized albums on the Skyclad label during their late ‘80s/early ‘90s run. Anderson and guitarist Billy Steve Korpi (Crack Pipes) raise an electrified fury behind Doerr’s impassioned yelps and howls to create a rhythmically musical acid trip that takes the blues far into this new 21st Century without leaving the style's raw Southern origins behind.

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