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Churchwood, 2 CD

"Churchwood sets a new standard for Texas-bred mannish boys," raved Blurt of the band's first album, praising their double-guitar sound "like snakes trying to mate" and rhythms that "nail the base of jazz-inflected grooves to the ground while letting the ends flap in the wind." Now with 2, the stunningly original and inventive Austin, TX-based band returns with a disc that's even mightier, broader, wilder, deeper and more rocking than before. This is 10 disarmingly catchy tracks of 21st Century blues from the big Dada swamp, as real and gritty as it is artful and visionary, poetry in major motion and guitars doing a saber dance to a mightily bopping beat. Reminds of everything from Howlin' Wolf to Captain Beefheart to the soaring and searing progressive dual guitars of Television and Sonic Youth with John Coltrane lighting the way for Churchwood to create your new favorite thing that in the end is a distinctive sound all their own. This world-class act is "the crazy, thinking man's blues band," says Punk Globe. But they'll also win your heart and make your body dance with a mojo frenzy.

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