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Moogstar & Company, Christmas With Moogstar

On his debut album, Moogstar not only breaks musical rules, he makes musical rules. You’ll surely agree, after listening to this Oakland native, that this ex-Cameo, ex-George Clinton keyboardist, guitarist, saxophonist, bassist, organist, singer, arranger, writer, producer, is a breath of fresh musical air. This is a concept album, co-produced with Swamp Dogg. Deep thought was given to what the great Thelonious Monk might have done if he had ventured to record a Christmas album, and this is the result of the brain trust. Moogstar flowing with liberty, a lucid imagination and a self issued license around the “do not enter” signs of rhythmic energy that keeps jazz balanced while his keyboard and bass makes short visits to other musical worlds, e.g., hip-hop, blues and gospel. His keyboard discipline is synonymous with Monk and sometimes more severe. Moogstar is clever, imaginative, innovative, sensitive, creative and fresh. He has earned the respect of the greats in the worlds of gospel, jazz and hip-hop. Now he’s embarking upon being a jazz pianist with a high goal; to be classed with Monk, Peterson, Garner, Hines, Tatum, Brubeck, etc.