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McClinton, Clay, Bitin' at the Bit

On his new album, Bitin’ at the Bit [Red Chili Records], Texan Clay McClinton not only pays homage to his musical influences, including dad Delbert, he actually involves several in the project. Longtime Delbert collaborator Gary Nicholson produced, and co-wrote what the younger McClinton says are some of the best songs of his career. Dad and legend Bruce Channel (“Hey Baby”) also pulled out their pens, and the McClintons duet on Delbert’s “Victim of Life’s Circumstances.” Clay also recorded the Nicholson-Stephen Bruton song, “What a Little Love Can Do,” and Mickey Newbury’s classic “Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In).” On these 12 tracks, McClinton mixes his blues, country, rock and soul influences into a gumbo of great grooves.