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Audrey Auld, Just Love--A Tribute to Audrey Auld Mezera

Just Love is just that … a labor of love from artists all over the world, paying tribute and performing the songs of Audrey Auld, who lost her battle with cancer in 2015. Audrey Auld-Mezera was an Australian-American native of Tasmania, touring singer/songwriter who resided at times in both Nashville and the coast of California. She left behind a musical legacy of songs ranging from poignant to empowering to downright cheeky. To honor Audrey, this album brings together artists and friends to breathe new life into select songs from Auld’s prolific catalog. She left behind 11 albums and 3 EPs. Producer Nancy Apple says, “The greatest star Nashville never heard...It hit a lot of us real hard, so we made this record to show our love. Audrey knew a lot about love. She lived it. She shared it. Just Love.”

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