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Jukebox Zeros, Rock & Roll Ronin

Jukebox Zeros' new CD EP Rock & Roll Ronin is D.I.Y. rock and roll at it's finest. Recorded in the band's secret headquarters in the trash-strewn alleyways and dimly-lit corners of South Philly, each of Rock & Roll Ronin's songs were (un)produced by the Jukebox Zeros in few takes-live and raw. The showflier covered walls and patchwork, beer-stain carpeted floor offered the only soundproofing to keep the sonic assault from spillin' out into the street. Rock & Roll Ronin is the band's first release for Rankoutsider Records, the California record label headed up by Pat Todd (legendary frontman of Lazy Cowgirls). The Songs On Rock & Roll Ronin are a mix of NYC punk rock, Midwest power-pop, Detroit sleaze, and sun-soaked West Coast reverb, creating a perfect soundtrack for a Saturday night. And, yeah, there's even a trashed out ELO cover too.

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