Burnside Album Details

Freakstar, Freakstar

Have you ever looked back at 1977 and thought it was just yesterday? It isn’t: it’s today. What you get here is the time-honored tradition of two guitars, bass, drums…and a red-hot comet on vocals. That tradition is a five-pointed Freakstar slung right at your dirty little secret and getting’ caught in your hairdo. It’s kinda like these five smacked a cueball from a Manchester club straight at London bridge, banked it hard off a New York alleyway and straight into the sunbaked corner pocket of Los Angeles. If Iggy and Chrissie burned their way South, poured barbecue sauce on their record collections and doused the lot with gas, it would wind up like this. Hold it near a naked wire and you’ve got…stoneblooded…punkrock…soulpower…Freakstar! Like a non-safety match with an attitude, singer Dylan Jones will tell ya "this record will kick you to the curb, rub your face in it and then take you home and cook you breakfast".