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Doughboys, The, Is It Now

Plainfield, New Jersey - the 1960’s: Richard X. Heyman, Willy Kirchofer and Mike Caruso form a band in the fall of ‘64 and call themselves The Ascots. A year later they merge with two members of a rival group – Myke Scavone and Mike Farina - and change their name to The Doughboys. 1966: The Doughboys win a recording contract with Bell Records and release two singles, receiving airplay on WMCA in New York City. Summer of ’68: The Doughboys are the house band at the Café Wha? in Greenwich Village. As the 60’s fade into memory, so do The Doughboys and the founding members go their separate ways. Myke Scavone leads the band Ram Jam and scores a hit with Black Betty, Willy fronts his own band, Richard X. Heyman plays drums with such legends as Brian Wilson and Link Wray and becomes an acclaimed singer/songwriter, Mike Farina moves to L.A. and Mike Caruso goes into session work and even jams with Hendrix! The 21st century arrives: Richard’s wife organizes a reunion gig. The moment The Doughboys set foot onstage together, the years melt away and they’re the tight, rockin’ unit they were back in Plainfield. Gar Francis (session man [Billy Idol’s version of Mony Mony] and formerly of Stones tribute band Sticky Fingers) steps in on guitar when Willy passes away much too young. The time is right to get The Doughboys into the studio again. The resulting CD Is It Now? is an instant classic, summing up who they are and how they sound, doing cool obscure songs from the past and their own mind-sticking originals. It took 40+ years, but don’t let any more time go by – get groovin’ to The Doughboys today! Garage rock at its greatest!

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