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Doughboys, The, Front Street Rebels

The Doughboys proudly present Front Street Rebels, twelve brilliant new tracks from the band whose career spans all the decades of rock’n’roll. Masterful songwriting, playing and production mark this as their crowning achievement – rockin’ tracks which remain true to their garage/blues/rock roots. Since the band re-formed in 2000, after having reigned as one of the most popular bands in central Jersey in the mid 60’s, The Doughboys have released four albums, numerous singles, and a documentary film. Lead singer Myke Scavone is now also a touring member of The Yardbirds! Front Street was where it was all happening in their hometown of Plainfield, New Jersey “back in the day.” Now’s the time to be a little rebellious and tune in to Front Street Rebels by the inimitable Doughboys!

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