Burnside Album Details

Voelz, Susan, beautiful life

“It was a steamy night in Austin, Texas. To entertain our hot selves we decided to record a Prince song. The tape rolling through the Tascam Cassette Recorder began to melt giving the violins and guitars on Money Don’t Matter 2 Night a nice wobbly tone. This was the first song of what unexpectedly began a 20 year Prince project.” The songs are reinventions. They are re-orchestrated through SMV’s unique sonic prism. On this her 3rd record, Susan Voelz has woven together her mastery of rock strings (the lush violin played as a member of Poi dog Pondering) and the tenderness and tumult of her duets with punk poet Alejandro Escovedo. Joined by guest artists Charlie Sexton, Abra Moore, Frank Orrall, and Alison Chesley (aka Helen Money).